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ICSI is a procedure where a single sperm is directly injected into an egg to facilitate the fertilization. ICIS is an advanced technique which is used together with IVF to overcome from the male infertility issues and the best procedure which also increases the chances of conception when performed together.

EGG Freezing

Egg freezing is a procedure where the eggs are harvested from women ovaries, frozen unfertilized and can be stored by women in her younger age for later use when required. A frozen egg can be thawed, combined with sperm in the lab and implanted into your uterus during an IVF procedure.

Male Infertility

Earlier there were limited options to treat the male infertility issues but now with the advancement in medical science, there are many surgical and non-surgical fertility treatments which are available in the market to treat the male infertility issues and allow the male member to become a father of an own baby.

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Frequently Asked Question

IVF process can be understood with the help of certain steps which are explained below.

  • Ovarian stimulation: The fertility specialist monitors the timing of egg release. Doctor will make sure the hormonal level and other conditions for IVF are normal or not. The doctor watch over the produced eggs is appropriate or not.
  • Egg retrieval: In this step, the eggs are taken out from female’s ovary by using needle under light sedation. Further, the eggs are placed in a dish containing nutrient media and further it is shifted to the incubator.
  • Fertilization: This is the next step of called fertilization where male sperms are taken and mixed with the most active sperm in a special chamber. Then, the egg and sperm are placed in incubator and the process is monitored so that healthy embryo can develop.
  • Embryo transfer: It is the last step in which the healthiest embryo is transferred. Initially, the doctor examines so that healthy embryo can be selected. With the help of small plastic tubes the embryo is transferred.

IVF involves two visits:
(1) One day for checkup / pre-IVF preparation
(2) 15 days for IVF procedure
We commonly advise a rest of 10-15 min post insemination in the hospital.
No, IVF is not at all painful because the injections used for IVF are purified and injected in subcutaneous form. The egg collection process is done under light sedation which is totally painless. At the time of embryo transfer, anesthesia is not given but it is a 2 to 5 minutes of process which hardly cause any pain.

The majority of the time, it is without anesthesia, but however, in a selected group of patients, the provision of anesthesia can be made available.

Number of cycles required (ovulation induction) depend on the age of the patient, general health of the patient, quality of the oocyte, quality of the semen, immunological factors of the couple, etc.

The success of conception and pregnancy depends on the patient’s cause of infertility and age. Conception and pregnancy have also to be supported by physical and immunological factors of the female. However, it is useful to note that 40% infertility is caused due to male factor, 40% due to female factors, 10% due to both male and female factors and 10% is due to unexplained causes. In our Center, the rate of fertilization with ART is 100% with 40% pregnancy having attained with ICSI, practically over-ridding MF. 30% is the current rate of pregnancy in our Centre with conventional IVF-ET procedures. There is of course no specific age limit for couples who may be considered for IVF in our institute.

You may commence work the very same day.
IUI stands for intrauterine insemination, is one of the common techniques of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). It allows putting sperm directly to the female’s uterus. In this process, the processed (washed) sperm is used. However, usage of this technique will result in escalating the possibilities of conception.

Low sperm count can also be known as oligospermia. One may undergo to ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) where a single sperm is injected to mature egg. Adopting this treatment will leads to elevate the chances of conceiving. Besides this, the treatment is useful especially in case of male infertility, low sperm motility and poor sperm morphology.

Men with sound medical health and known fertility can donate their semen for IVF or ICSI procedures after submitting his written consent for the same. They should be between 25 to 45 years of age and should not have had any past history of infectious diseases. They are required to submit their infectious diseases evaluation report, semen analysis and general health analysis report, which should include a complete physical examination done and certified by a registered medical practitioner (RMP). For infectious disease evaluation, the donor is required to be tested negative for Hepatitis B, C antibodies, HIV 1 and 2 antibodies, Trichomonas, Candida, Cytomegalovirus and HTLV-I. Three semen samples of the donor is taken at regular intervals of 3-4 weeks as is tested for volume, pH, count, motility, abnormality, pus cells, agglutination and particulate matter. His semen analysis is required to match with the normal semen parameters of WHO. The donor semen tested should maintain the quality standards in his three trial attempts and only then he is recruited on our lists of semen donors. The donor should be willing to undergo the infectious diseases evaluation tests as well as semen analysis tests every three months. If he fails to do so or if the results tend to become substandard, he is eliminated from our list of regular donors.

As compare to international IVF hospitals the cost of IVF is lower in India. The treatment cost ranges between INR 1,25,000 to 1,50,000. It is purely depends on patient’s medical condition which may vary the cost.

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The fertility experts at Umang IVF first properly examine the couples and after that, they will suggest the best fertility treatment to the couples which fulfil their dreams of having an own baby.

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Umang IVF is the most affordable destination for all the couples who are looking for fertility or infertility treatment. The fertility experts at Umang IVF first properly examine the couples and after that, they will suggest the best fertility treatment to the couples which fulfil their dreams of having an own baby.

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